Buying Property

Truth Be Known – ‘tis a Buyers’ Market.  We recommend sellers enter with caution and seek experienced assistance. One may be in a situation where selling is the best choice of bad options – to perhaps cut losses and get on with life, perhaps to prevent foreclosure and bankruptcy (see Foreclosure Looming?). And then, there are the fortunate few that may sell for a profit!

We can help maximize the benefit from sale of your property. Market knowledge is very important in this regard. Within the greater Lee County Area, there are many “subareas” and submarkets within, each with its own characteristics. If sale prices are declining in a particular market, a productive strategy is to price aggressively and encourage a sale before prices lower. If one is slow to aggressively price, the property will sit unsold and continue to decrease in value. Other submarkets are showing increases in the median and average price of homes sold – necessitating a different approach to pricing.

The average time before contract acceptance on our listings is very low, sometime only a few days. We would be pleased to analyze your property and propose a plan to sell it.